Where we live

There are as many interior designs as there are people.

Casual Contemporary 

Our  mid 80's build  has been undergoing a quiet  renovation for the last five years  based on a conscious decision to preserve aspects of the period styling.   With  original  art and hand crafted furniture, the tone of our  home was established and any new design decisions were based on an interest in continuity and coherency.   We like to think our place is a great blend of two people who love light, wood and  hand crafted objects. 

  This dining table and chairs were hand crafted by my  resident carpenter when we first moved in,  Its plain styling has held up well and we recently updated it by spray painting the chairs charcoal and adding new upholstery. Plants pair well with the natural  wood tones in our home.  A little sparkle and matte in Ms. Bird plays against the  rough textures of a Chinese planter. 

My favourite accent colour is green in all its guises, followed quickly my any version of purple.

 Arranging objects is a lot like composing a painting.  It is a favourite hobby of mine.   I keep reusing objects I have with natural materials as the seasons change.  

 Travelling objects and a love of pillows, mostly made by my talented sister, allow me to do quick changes without investing in anything new apart from a piece of material here and there.   Above you can see the material from the lavender pillow used to add a stripe to my new charcoal one. 

 A mid century modern find in  bureaus provided direction for our new king bed.  It has a green gray wash and yes there's  even more  green in this room. 

Seaside Retreat 

 The first requirement for a summer retreat is comfort.   Our summer  home was built and furnished on a  very modest budget.  Thrift store finds, upcycled furniture, handcrafted furniture,  art  and the views outside the windows were the mainstay of our design decisions. 

Stained glass by Don references the ocean and slate hills and connects  to the slate floors.  The cabinets are washed birch but have now been painted a BM Winds Breath.  

More wood tables and natural objects.  A recycled light fixture from the 70s that I always loved and couldn't throw away was spray painted hammered silver.  Just perfect against the seascape and the purple wall.  The painting represents the view you see outside our window as filtered through my memory. The antler was found by a hiking friend and brought back to weather for five years before bringing it in. 

Studio/ guest room 

Master bedroom


Guest room

Living room

 Main bath 

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