Design statement

Our beliefs influence what we do, decorating is no different.

I Believe....

  • a home is a visual story of the people who live there; 
  • it is important to meld your  tastes and interests; 
  • homes should be an eclectic mix of furniture and objects that do not look "decorated";
  • comfort and practicality come first in design;
  • everyone deserves a beautiful space;
  • interesting and inviting interiors can exist without a high price tag;
  • the answer to many decorating questions can be found in nature;
  • art is personal and only you can decide what  has meaning for you;
  • gray is the perfect neutral;
  • editing a space can transform it;
  • layering objects, colours and textures creates interesting spaces;
  • minimalism  creates a soothing space;

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