Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Feeling fall

 I am slowly letting go of my summer house and  all its leisurely pursuits including art.  This piece found a new  home in Montreal.  I was sad to see it go.  It reminds me of a bird in flight in fall.

Margaret Ryall 2016 Composition in Time #22

 I had a holiday in New York that left me wanting more of those leisurely pursuits on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, and when I came home fall was suddenly in the air. Before I could even make a list  of all the things that needed doing in my St. John's house, Thanksgiving was looming and I had to add a little fall colour.

Thankfully nature helped outside.  I had a lovely display of colour in my planter and could even visually "claim" the maple tree across the street.

 My one proactive  fall decor effort before my trip was a flop. My pot of fall flowers had to be laid to rest when I got back.  A frantic trip to the storage room yielded a  generous supply  of fake fall foliage and an old wreath that has been called to work many times.  Other years when I am less rushed I use natural materials in my outdoor arrangements.  

My art collection never lets me down and fall colours abound for some reason.  Like this lovely mixed media piece by Newfoundland artist Anita Singh who is represented by The Leyton Gallery.  Can you find the hiding moth and the bronze cones?

 And this piece by Newfoundland artist Mike Gough that definitely evokes thoughts of the landscape in fall.

From day to day I move objects around just to keep things interesting.

And then there's my antler that gets called upon for many jobs.  Sometimes on the table ...

sometimes on the floor.... 

And a plant never goes astray in a house. My little crystal bird always seems to be right for the season.

As you can see, I don't put much effort in to my seasonal decor.  How about you?


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