Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bring on the green

St. Patrick's Day gets lots of attention where I live because so many of us have Irish roots.  While the partying and music happened last weekend, I'm doing my own bit today by recommending green as a colour to consider in decor if you like to bring the outside in.  When someone says they hate green, I'm  flabbergasted.  How can you hate the the most prominent colour in nature?

You can have a little green woven in with any other hues and it always looks good.  Think plants.  Is there any room a plant doesn't work in?  Or you can have a green statement piece or green accessories mixed with another colour.  The possibilities are endless when you think about the variety of greens and the proportion of use in a space.

A green statement piece 

green velvet sofa, white walls

A green velvet sofa is daring and this one sings because of the white walls and light artwork above it.  

mint green wooden bed, white walls

This is still a statement in an otherwise white room,  just a more subtle one. 

Green  furniture and accents 

white walls, green accent wall, green sofa, leaf roman shades

I am more drawn to yellow greens like the ones in this space.  Love the leafy references in pillows and romans.  This much green needs the relief of white walls.  I would like to see more of the blue green as a stronger punch of colour.  

Just a hint of green in a neutral space 

green plants, white walls, white furniture

Just the merest hint of accents of green with plants and branches can liven a white space. This little amount of green only works well in very light space. 

neutral bedroom, striped bedding, green throw

You can weave  a little more green into any neutral space and it can either sit back and  quietly warm it or...

yellow green accents, gray bedroom, texture

say, "Look at me, I'm the life of the room".  I'm particularly fond of this colour scheme and the use of texture in the space. 

I guess you've figured out from my photo references that I like green with white and gray.  It's the fresh punch that intrigues me, and for that you need a quiet background.  There are other ways to work  with greens  using lots of black for instance, but then the room gets too shouty for me.  Are you a lover of green?  


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  2. Your decoration is really nice. Everyone has a dream to decorate their home in beautiful ways shade .Please keep sharing your blog, it helps in getting new idea.


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