Saturday, January 16, 2016

2016 Home decor trend checklist

I can't believe that December whizzed by without much thought to home decor  blogging.  The holiday season always puts things on hold. I have to make up for that with a good summary of what 2016 holds in design trends for the home.

 How do I know what to write about trends? A good question for sure. Knowledge comes from a lot of reading and looking and being a good synthesizer.

  A trend is never  for one year;  all I have to do is look back at what I wrote last year to realize that everything still holds true.  When I write about trends I  like to write about broader patterns I notice in  home decor  that I feel have some staying power.

There's nothing earth shattering to report for 2016, but there's usually not major shifts.

Plants  and plant motifs bring the outside in  

 Home decor trend plants plant motifs

You can also see the use of blue, wire furniture, and natural woods carried over from last year. 

Pastels are still creeping in usually mixed with soft whites

Pantone's 2016 colour of the year duo supports this.  I'm not saying I love this look but I do like the softness of the colours., there's just too much baggage attached to pink and blue.  Take either separately and I am fine, especially that periwinkle blue.  

Pantone 2016 colour of the year

pastels bedroom nude pink mint green

 Here we see the nude pink with mint green (hello 1980's) and blue accents.   Notice the plant!

Adding texture using organic materials 

 It could be fur, woven textiles from natural fibres,  wicker,  rushes, or plant life.  All add that exciting layer of texture that every room needs for interest and excitement.

texture organic materials

Hope you noticed the liberal use of greenery in this space too, and the white walls and furniture. White is the perfect backdrop for showing off textures. 

texture 2016 fur natural fabrics

Warm metals in  accessories, fixtures and lighting 

I know I've been saying this for three years, but each year the presence of warm metals becomes more noticeable.  Also consider burnished brass, copper and rose gold.  

warm metals lighting art work

This is a totally trendy room,  nude pink undertones, lots of texture, warm metals, natural fibres, plant life and light walls. And the opposite is also trendy....

Dramatic walls and rooms

This is in direct opposition to the white/light look for walls and furniture.  But drama can be embraced.  It's not for me at all, but it is a look that appeals to many people.  Navy walls are particularly fashionable as are black and rich greens.  

dramatic rooms gold texture black walls

black walls white dining room dramatic rooms

These are trends from 2013 -2015 that are still going strong:

  • geometric patterning 
  • nature inspired motifs especially florals 
  • reclaimed/eco-friendly material
  • wire framed furniture and lighting 
  • use of mixed materials in furniture  ( marble and wood, metal and wood etc. ) 
  • global inclusiveness  ( products from different cultures)
  • highly patterned tile
  • artisan products ( hand made) 
  • nude pink and deeper blues.  
And there you have it.  Lots of things to consider and choose from or just go on your merry way doing what makes you happy in decor.  

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