Saturday, November 21, 2015

5 tips for Holiday Bright

What kind of holiday decorator are you?

Walking through stores this time of year certainly sends the message that there are many people who love  a holiday  glam look with glitter, shine, and layers of finery.   If you've read this blog for awhile you know this won't be that kind of post.  I like my seasonal decor as simple as possible.  When visitors come to my home I  want them to feel in the mood for the season without being burdened by sensory overload.

In honour of the upcoming  holiday season I created a style board to illustrate some of my top tips for for decorating without going over the top.  I started with this stunning chair from Chairish, a US based online marketplace for vintage furniture.  There are so many beautiful accent chairs to choose from, in addition to other great finds for your home.

I would love to own this chair! It references warm and cosy, but still has a quiet elegance.  It can be yours for a great price.  Check out the link above.

Now for a little creative play, let's give it a new home using 5 simple decorating moves.

antler, Christmas, nature related, trees, branches and berries, Charish

Tip #1

Add a fur throw to furniture for instant warmth 

But if  a purchase isn't in the cards for you, don't fret.  You can satisfy  your urge by creating the same look using a faux fur throw or  natural sheepskin.   While you can use fur on any chair,  a framed chair in  black can't be beaten when it comes to impact.  Remember the power of spray paint!  Of course this one with its gold tips is extra special.  Hint, hint,  tape off and spray  the tips  of your stand -in piece gold.

Tip #2

Reference nature 

A quick look around this style board shows nature repeated throughout the space with birds, trees, deer, as well as twigs and berries. They are all easily added and removed for another creative use next year.  What I like about this more minimal approach is it's longevity.  Many of the additions can be left up all winter so you don't have that bare look after the holiday season is over.

Tip #3

Integrate seasonal objects among every day arrangements 

Take down a piece of art and hang a wreath in its place, add seasonal objects to your window ledge and bookcase or tabletop.  Berries can often be added to simple arrangements. 

Tip #4 

Add candles 

Such a simple addition and so much ambiance when lit.  If you are concerned about safety,  purchase a set of battery operated candles.  They are so realistic now with some even having a subtle scent and flickering light.  I especially like  the  remote control function on the ones I have. One flick and instant mood is created. 

Tip # 5

Use pillows for pattern and comfort

Not everyone likes to have a pile of extra pillows around; I get that!  I admit pillows are my weakness and  I have a shelf full so I can make changes through the year.  I think they are a small price for a refreshed  look.   One budget idea for seasonal pillows is to find ones that work well on one side with your every day decor and flip them for seasonal decoration. 

How does this  advice play out in my own home?  

Here's my dining room from last year.  Candles, real twigs and fake berries, white  reindeer, sprayed pinecones, an evergreen and birds. It will all be used somewhere again this year but it won't look the same. 

natural decorations Christmas reindeer berries and twigs candles

For something different this season, I've separated my two buffets and changed the art.

antler candles buffet Mike Gough
artist Mike Gough, The Island 2014

 I've been looking for the perfect place for my new piece of art by local artist Mike Gough.  It seems to be comfortable in the dining room. This painting has a  fall feel that made me think of my moose antler at my summer place.  Let's see if it can be integrated into a more sophisticated environment.  My candles are in place and ....   It needs more than that.  I'm thinking a conversation will happen between what's on the buffets and the table.  Stay tuned.

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