Monday, March 30, 2015

Using mirrors to solve decorating problems

Sometimes I have to remind myself of the power of mirrors to solve common decorating problems.   Here are seven  fantastic uses of mirrors that might not be on your radar.

1. To reflect light

mirrors, living room, reflecting light

This is one great space for a number of reasons, but the mirrors make it in my opinion.  Not only do they break up a dark wall and provide height to match the window, they reflect light in what might otherwise be a blah room.

2. To create a window in a windowless room 

mirrors, windowless room, living room mirror

dining room mirrors, windowless dining room, 3 large mirrors

There are often sections of a space that are dark and windowless.  Mirrors can give the illusion of a window and light without having to make architectural changes.  In both rooms above the mirrors also add dramatic focal points.

3. Add drama to an open space

foyer mirror, large foyer mirror, lucite table and mirror

This high ceilinged space demands a large scale treatment.  This mirror fills the bill when it comes to matching the scale of the space.  The choice of a lucite table ensures that the lines of the mirror remain dominant.

4. To replace art

mirror over bed, mirror focal point

 Sometimes a mirror when used well can replace art over a bed or mantle.  In this space the sculptural light is reflected in the mirror,  providing an interesting visual focus.

5. To highlight art/collections

mirror behind art collection, three mirrors living room

6. To create impact 

repetition of arched mirrors, mirrors living room, mirrors impact

 One of the best ways to create impact is through repetition.  Imagine the scene above if you just has three or four mirrors.

7. To balance large windows 

mirror with large window, large mirror living room

I love how the mirror is large scale, soft with its rounded top, and the height relates well to the window.  The gold relates to the lamps and the table which also mimics the rounded top of the mirror.

large mirror fireplace

I am definitely interested in any solution that helps balance heights/scale  in a room.  One of the best things about this mirror treatment is how it relates to the window next to it and the furniture in the space.   You read the fireplace and mirrors as one unit. The fireplace alone is small and delicate.  Keeping the mirror frame lighter and gold helps it to relate to the other furnishings in the space.

Seven reasons why you should have a mirror in your home apart from the obvious.  Who knew? Are you a mirror lover?  I'm sad to say my mirror choices are purely functional.  What about yours?

Please find links to photos on my Pinterest board Mirrors.

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