Monday, March 2, 2015

Adding greenery to contemporary decor

After a dreary northern winter I begin to long for a spot of green in my decor.   I've even given my blog a new green look.

 Last spring I wrote about my lucky bamboo,  my default plant that resulted from an aborted shamrock search.  Poles apart, I know!  Choice is often limited when you live on an island; you can convince yourself it's what you wanted all along.

 I've been enjoying my bamboo and it seems to love my house.

 I went to look for one for a friend for Christmas.  None to be had, but I could find a shamrock.  Go figure.

What a difference a year makes. 

There's nothing like a plant or a grouping of flowering branches to bring a space to life.  Even the most neutral colour schemes sing when there's a little green around.

Can you have too many plants?  Yes, in my opinion.  You don't want a jungle. One or two plants  get noticed and more than that becomes a bit of a mess.  You may disagree.  


  1. Good room decoration., I want have home like home.

  2. The design is amazing really provide valuable inspiration, I will always wait for the next post, thank you.


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