Saturday, February 14, 2015

Re-working the egg

I couldn't resist carrying on the egg theme from my last post.    How about some of these cosy re-workings of the basic egg shape for furniture with a difference ?


 It's a sofa with egg shaped pillows!  Definitely for the younger crowd.

Do I ever have a spot for this bed!  It could get a little cool though on the edge of the Atlantic in May. I think a room with one glass wall would be a better bet.  New room addition to the summer house maybe?

You don't have to stretch the imagination much for this bed design. The egg shape  in open cutwork is very pleasing as are the curved legs of the tables.

This is about as functional as you can get for patio furniture and the lines will fit in with any landscape .

 If you want a statement piece for you space, look no further.   How could you not like this colourful sofa?  Might have to move a few pillows to the floor.

Barbara Barry's egg coffee table is a classic. 

As is this beautiful black tub perched on the edge of a slab of marble.  

If you chose one for you home which would it be?

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