Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Trend predictions with staying power

In late 2012 I wrote a post about  2013 trends that I thought would have great staying power.  Several days ago I reread that post, and if I do say so myself I definitely hit the bullseye with my predictions.
These are still going strong:

  • simple geometric patterning 
  • nature inspired motifs (birds, feathers, florals, plants, etc. )
  • lighter woods in furniture and  floors
  • gold toned finishes 
  • open walls in kitchens 
  • backsplashes to the ceiling
  • mixed colours in kitchen cabinets
  • reclaimed/eco-friendly materials 

In addition it seems that there are variations of these trends that will also have great staying power.  

More geometric patterning 

Not only will you see geometric patterning used on textiles and rugs, it has moved to furniture  and lighting as frameworks, overlays and inlays. 

geometric trend 2015
Sculptural light fixtures

Yes,  still going strong and branching out a little from the  large scale, voluminous fixtures seen in 2014 to a whole new skeleton/wire look that will be big for 2015. This look is also strongly influenced by geometry.

wire frame lighting trend 2015

The wire/ skeleton look also extends to furniture especially tables.  

wire trend tables 2015

Global inclusiveness  

No longer is travel the instigator of interest in the products of other cultures. As the world becomes a smaller place because  of technology, homeowners are exposed to a range of products and looks from different countries.  Access to these is as easy as a keystroke.  Rather than a themed look, think about integrating special pieces  with  what you already have.  

ethnic trends 2015, global mix, cultural trends

Any of these pieces could be easily added to any decor unless you are averse to yellow!
Patterned tiles

 patterned geometric tiles, trend 2015

The geometric trend is popular in  wall and floor tiles as well as textiles. The new looks range from herringbone designs  to elegant parquets in one or two hues. 

rugs tile patterning trend 2015

 Even rugs have taken on a tiled look. 

Mixing up warm metals 

warm metals trend 2015

Yes we know that silver finishes are being overtaken by the golden tones of mellowed brass, but the orange glow of copper isn't far behind.    Mixing metals is a trend that will be a safe bet for years to come.  Just think how long the silver tones have been popular, that will be the staying power of mixing things up for variety.  

Marble is hot 

marble trend 2015

One noticeable trend for this year is the the use of marble in everything from backsplashes and furniture  to lamp bases and accessories.   It isn't only  white marbles either, think black, blue, golden and champagne. 

Mixing materials 

mixed materials trend 2015

In furniture and accessories designers are playing with interesting combinations of materials.  Raw woods and lacquer, glass and concrete, metal and marble, wood and fur, resins and metal, glass and filagree metal, the list is long and the look is interesting. 

Statement art /walls 

statement art , statement walls trend 2015

Go big and bold in artwork, splurge on a hand painted mural or a whimsical wallpaper.  Think about a wall of texture.   Large and textured is definitely in. 

Focus on hand made and recycled

Anything that shows the hand of a creator is a sure bet for home decor.  It reads as unique, honours natural materials, and supports artists.  Such products are usually sought out, well considered and support local economy.  All good and very trendy right now-  if such sensible choices can be  trendy.
 Think about woven objects, hanging sculptural forms, pottery and ceramics, fibre art.

 If you are handy yourself consider the upcycling of objects.  There are enough  ideas on Pinterest to keep you going indefinitely. 

And there you have it, what's trending for 2015 that will be a safe bet to invest in for the coming years.  What are your thoughts on buying into trends? 

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