Friday, October 17, 2014

Budget friendly design

I'm handing over the reins  today to Tom Smith writing about a favourite decorating topic - practical suggestions for decorating on a budget.

When designing your home and choosing different pieces to incorporate into the space, it can be expensive to add new furnishings, rugs, and features. Although it can be costly to purchase new decor, there are several ways to stay within your budget and limit the amount that you spend. With DIY crafts and by shopping at discount locations, it's easy to create an interior that feels like home.

Shop for Used Furniture

More people are creating an eclectic and bohemian style in their living quarters for a cozy and mismatched style that offers plenty of details. Instead of breaking the bank on new furniture, opt for shopping at thrift stores or flea markets for treasures that will add extra dimension and character to each room. You can also consider revamping old furniture by sanding down wood pieces or reupholstering accent chairs with modern fabric.

Add Drama with an Accent Wall

Incorporate wallpaper into the design of your home — it’ll create a high-end look as if the space was professionally decorated. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars wallpapering a single room with multiple walls, focus on an accent wall where the material can be applied. Use wallpaper on the wall that is facing the entrance of the room for a great focal point in the space.

 Sew the Linens Yourself

From curtains to couch pillows, linens add a cozy touch and are one of the main features with interior decor. Choose the fabric yourself and sew accent pillows and slipcovers for an inexpensive way of using new patterns in each room. It makes for a budget-friendly way of making over an old couch or adding a fresh tablecloth to a kitchen table without spending twice as much on the linens.

Use Antique Accessories


Antique accessories can add character to the decor and allow it to look more expensive with hand-picked items that are unique. Opt for mixing different types of metals for a modern style, which can include gold bookends or silver candlestick holders. You can also dress up a bare corner with an antique tricycle or decorate a fireplace mantle with old statues.

 Incorporate Baskets

Allow your home to feel cozy with baskets that can be used throughout every area. Baskets are not only functional for organizational purposes, but also add a decorative element for a rustic and chic style. Use a dip-dyed basket to hold shoes by the front door or a wicker basket in the living room to store throws and blankets. You can also fill in blank spaces on bookcases and consoles with old baskets for an affordable product that can hold goods.

Tim Smith writes for Modernize.

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