Monday, September 29, 2014

What fall brings

Yes, it's that time again.

Beautiful Duntara, NL
Bridge, Duntara NL
My Duntara neighbour

My love for Duntara began in my teens when I spent my summer vacations there with my Aunt Mary in the house above. Life has come full circle since 2002  when we built our own house up the road  from Mr. Harty's place. This harbour is particularly  stunning in fall. Everywhere I look I see natural beauty.  As summer winds down it becomes quiet and even more relaxing if that's  possible.

"Around the bay" dining  table
 Finding natural things for decorating  my summer house becomes more difficult in September, and I accept it as a sign that it's time to close up and move back to my  St. John's life. As  I make the  final drive back to the city I can feel myself subtly changing .  No more rocking chair as I watch the sea gulls swoop and meander .  No more ocean waves or full moon over the bay.  No more twinkling lights of Bonavista across the  water. No more total silence.  No more summer friends.

 Fall means something quite different in my life. It  heralds the reality of  my peak production time for design and blogging, and a decrease in art production.   Reminding myself that the ease of the summer months would not be so special if  I could do it all year helps a little.  But that final trip out is always bitter sweet.

City dining room table
Now doesn't the differences between these two tables sum up my two lives.

 So it's planning time.  September is the month when I  feel anything is possible.  It's about deciding where I want to go and coming up with a way to get there.

I've been putting a lot of thought into  the next step for this blog.  My original purpose was to use blogging as a way to consolidate my ideas about various  design topics,  and at the same and provide practical information about design that would answer questions that average  DIY homeowners might have.  I've written about all sorts of topics and my list of  popular posts shows which have been  most read, some  with  hundreds of thousands of page views from around the world.  That always blows my mind.  Now I'm ready to  change it up a bit.

Third Weekend in October, 85 x 110, quilt pattern by Ruth Powers
  This fall I am  planning more local and national posts about interior design, art and gardens- my three loves.  I have friends lined up who are willing to open their doors to me so I can photograph and write about the many ways they make their houses into homes.    If you know me you may be getting a call.  Stay tuned for my first AT HOME installment.


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