Thursday, April 24, 2014

Simple window treatments for basement windows

Basement windows are often a  challenge to decorate because they are usually small,  spaced, and high on the wall - a recipe for  decorating disaster.   This post provides solutions for these problem windows based on the premise that  simple is best.  Keeping things light and airy will not draw attention to the negatives of  small size and awkward placement.  All links  to these spaces can be found on my Pinterest board .

shutters window treatments basement windows valance
Shutters and  valances  work when windows are a little larger

This space would work equally well without the valances if you like a less layered look. Keeping everything light also detracts from the high placement as you can see in this space and the one below.

blinds basement windows coverings
White blinds on a white wall
One of my favourite looks for a basement space is to keep everything light and add  darks in art or accessories. White faux wood blinds are very functional because they let light in and provide some privacy in the daytime.  In this room the floor acts as a great foil for all the lightness and the hits of dark in art and furniture break up the space.

shutters basement window treatments simple
Simple  light shutters add light and privacy 

Nothing works better than functional shutters in a basement. They are sleek and unobtrusive and look tidy.  

etched glass simple basement window treatments
Etched glass or window film

What about  adding something directly to the glass?  Etching  glass is so simple these days with beautiful stencils and spray etching available. You can also buy so many window films that provide a degree of privacy without too much fuss. If you aren't sure if you would like the look of etching try window film first because it is removable. 

stained glass basement windows solutions
Stained glass provides interest and  privacy. 

basement window solution light  drapes
Light walls and light draperies

Sometimes draperies work with short windows. I personally prefer that they are a similar colour to the wall, but there is a place for darker ones.  Because the sofa is below these windows it helps to break up the long expanse of wall below each window.

window coverings drapes basement

Sometimes you can add something vertical below the space to visually fill in the awkward space.

In my next post I will discuss more complex  basement window options that are sure to wow and  convince visitors that they are not in a basement. And what about your house?  What is your preferred window treatment for basements? 


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