Thursday, March 13, 2014

Too much of a good thing


The big question

Have you ever had to call a halt to buying yet another object  that you love?  When does just enough become too much? I had to confront both questions this week while I was shopping for accessories with my sister. 

Telling it like it is

 " Oh, I love that. "  was answered with " "You don't need another one". I had to admit  then and there that I am obsessed with  birds;  circles and poppies are chasing on their heels (or feathers).   I am trying to control it, but I keep seeing so many that I love.  I'm even thinking about  a birds for next Christmas.  I already admitted that in a previous post before I realized how far I'd gone.

mid century modern birds poppy white vase
Birds,  poppy and circles- perfection in my book

Now my sister is a good one to talk!

Outdoor dining at Bonavista Social Club and listening to birds

A family thing

Vera has a bit of the same affliction and doesn't even recognize it; her focus is birds in art work. She can't pass one up without a comment. There was also a liberal smattering of birds when I featured her house at Christmas in this post.  Must be the result of growing up next to a forest.

This obsession is causing me other problems in addition to having just too many of the same thing and not enough surfaces to place them.

My granddaughter, age 2,  is suddenly sizing up her environment and putting things in the " I likka" or the  "I no likka" category.  Birds are in the "I no likka " camp!   What do I do about that?   If exposure is going to make her more comfortable with our fine feathered friends she's in the right house. Since most of my birds are highly stylized it took her awhile to notice they were birds, but she's on to me now.

Bird sightings 

I like to  think that I place the products of my  obsession artistically by  weaving  them into vignettes and moving them from room to room so they aren't in one space too long.

mercury bird vignette living room books coffee table
Sitting proudly in the knowledge he was the first 
kubus 4  mercury bird living room table
Not so happy with the " I no likka birds" title
Look closely.  There are two birds. Oh my!

autumn vignette tray mercury bird fall flowers
 At home in autumn finery 
mercury bird vignette dining room
His latest home on the dining room table
white stylized bird on shelf
Bird sighting in the family room
Yes, they get around. But some are stationary. 

hummingbird key hook

There's the  hummingbird key hook, 

filigree bird with wreath

and the filigree bird hanging in my wreath thanks to my friend who also likes birds.  Yes, it all adds up.

Kubus4 blackbird red pot vignette
Black bird
 My latest acquisition and hopefully my last. Thanks Target. But will it be my last?

You can always dream

Eames house bird shelf

But...... this is the one I dream about and will probably never have (unless the lotto comes my way or my relatives decide on a group gift). I'd pitch that Target bird in a heartbeat.

Please tell me that you too have an object obsession~!  Time to own up. 

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  1. You have some very nice birds there. I have an urge to collect attractive quilt covers, but I manage to resist most of the time... only because I don't want to become obsessive/compulsive. :)


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