Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Seeing double

 I couldn't resist this title. Anyone who knows me well will laugh when they see it because I do in fact have double vision  resulting from a fall.  Not to worry clients, it is corrected with a special lens in my glasses.

Two of something is often  considered boring in interior design, but as you know there are exceptions to every rule. Usually you will find one mirror in an interior, but in some cases two can be much more interesting and effective than one.

Think about  using two mirrors when you :

 Have double sinks

double mirrors bathroom
Double mirrors in bathroom

 I like the change from the predictable one large mirror you see in most bathrooms.  While there are lots of  double mirror applications above sinks,  what brings this one up a notch is the inclusion of art in the space between the mirrors.

 Need to extend horizontal lines

double mirrors bedroom
Mirrors supporting a  headboard

This is an interesting take on using mirrors in a bedroom. We have all seen them mounted mirror height behind night  tables, but this placement brings mirror use to a new level.     The mirrors add depth to the room and provide a reflective surface that is so necessary in every space.  I feel a conscious decision was made to extend the visual line of the bed itself into a larger rectangle. How do I know this?   The art work above the bed has been added to complete the second rectangle.  Very nice.

Want to add symmetry and depth

 Adding depth in a small dining space

 Double mirrors are a fantastic solution when you want to add symmetry to a space. Everything about this space is right especially the scale.  Think how uninspiring the room would be with two small mirrors or how out of proportion the mirrors would look without the equally large twig arrangement.  I call this effect creating a visual destination.

Want to replace art work 


Above a sofa

Mirrors are used to good advantage in a small space because they visually enlarge it.  Check out what is reflected in your mirrors.  If it's something you don't like skip the mirror idea and go with a piece of art that has depth.

  Need to fill an awkward space

Vertically stacked round mirrors
Sara Richardson

This take on mid-century styling is one of my favourite Sara Richardson  designs.  The stacked mirrors fill the narrow vertical space so nicely,  repeat the circular shape in the coffee table, and soften the many rectangular and triangular motifs used throughout the space.

Repeat a shape

Mirrors repeat door shape

Mirrors add sparkle to a bathroom and they are certainly functional.  Not quite sure I would want to sit in a tub and look at myself, but I do like how the stacked mirrors draw your attention away from the fact that the tub extends out into the room.  The mirrors are also placed to create a larger rectangle with the door.

Solve several problems

Mirrors repeat shape in pillows

These mirrors are a powerhouse of design:  they expand the space by mimicking the window; create depth in a small space;  increase the visual width so the window doesn't overpower the sofa; reflect the light from the lamps; repeat the geometric motif in the pillows;  provide symmetrical elements; and add subtle darks with the inlay. That's the whole meal deal!

Mirrors aren't just for looking in.  They are strong design  elements in any space and when you use them wisely they provide huge impact. I've written about mirrors before and provided a link to a great article on mirrors in it.  Check it out.  We seldom think about mirrors as problem solvers, but they can be.   Do you have a space where double mirrors would solve a design problem? Do tell.

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