Sunday, February 16, 2014

5 Creative uses for fabric in home decor

One of the major mistakes homeowners make in home decor is ignoring the power of pattern in creating an interesting space. Fabric is an excellent way to introduce pattern into your space and there are so many ways to use it. 

 I am a sucker for fabric patterns and textures and often buy  on spec when I find a good deal. If you are removing fabric from a room e.g., drapes, you may be able to upcycle them.  Don't forget about the beautiful fabric finds at thrift stores.  Be creative.  These ideas should get you thinking.

 Make a throw

upcycled fabric throw
Look for large scale textured fabrics and sew on a fringe to create a throw for your sofa. 

Heavy fabrics work best for this application.  If you think it is heavy enough to upholster a dining chair it will be heavy enough to pull off this look .  If you don't like fringes omit that element and just do a double top stitched seam.  FYI this image is a bought throw. 

Desinging Home: folded fabric in chair back
Upholstery fabric folded over a chair back - as simple as it gets

Margaret Ryall

 Frame fabric

Designing Home: matted framed fabric art
Matted and framed fabric art

You have to look twice to realize these are pieces  of fabric.  They are so chic. The mat works wonders to show off the pattern and connect with the lovely blue wall.  I would have them a tad smaller to work with the narrow space.  That's just me and my need for any art to have breathing room.

Designing Home: stretched fabric art DIY
Fabric stretched over wooden frame

Margaret Ryall

This is one of my favourite quick art solutions.  Find a fabric that you love and works in your room.  It will need to be larger in scale to read at a distance.  Buy a stretcher frame in an art store or make one using pine.  Stretch the fabric over the frame and staple on the back of the stretcher. 


Cover a lampshade

Designing home: fabric covered lampshades DIY
 Choose fabric for lampshades wisely

Many DIY projects  look homemade.  The trick is to elevate your project into high design by choosing your fabric wisely.  Ask yourself ...Would I find this in a store?  If the answer is Yes -Go for it.  If  you think it will look like you made it --- pass!  Aim for sophisticated design.

 Fold fabric over an upholstered headboard

Designing Home: folded fabric over upholstered headboard DIY

What a way to add and frequently change colour in a monochromatic bedroom.  I just love the connection between the roses and the magenta  fabric.  Quick and classy. 

 Upholster a headboard

Designing Home: upholstered headboard pillows DIY
Upholstered headboard and matching pillows 

No doubt this is an upholstered headboard done right.  The pattern adds to the other plain fabrics in the room.  It connects with the pattern in the art.  Everything is perfect. Are you handy enough to create this look yourself?

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