Friday, January 17, 2014

Feeling red

I'm a firm believer that colour provides us with certain benefits at certain times and  I take note when I find myself attracted to a certain colour.  My past loves have been black, green and purple.   All of a sudden I am hugely attracted tored  and I want it around me in my home.  This is a first for me.

red accessories
Red accessories

I catch myself looking at red things on Pinterest and Olioboard. 

I want to hang up one of my red paintings.
 meaning red poppy art Margaret Ryall
Evoked, 2013, Margaret Ryall, encaustic
 “Painters use red like spice.” — Derek Jarman.....  If so this is one hot painting.

 Why red now?

 From yoga I know that red  is the color for the base or root chakra located at the base of the spine; this chakra allows us to be grounded and connected to universal energies.

Red also affects us physically.  It is stimulating and boosts our physical energy levels, increases enthusiasm, action and confidence, and provides a sense of protection from anxiety and fear. Don't forget that red relates to physical desire in all its forms- sexual, appetite and cravings. Pretty powerful stuff. Who wouldn't want a dose of red around with all those benefits?

I've written about red before so this must not be a new thing.  Check this  post .

I must need a boost of red.  I'm listening.  How will it play out in my space? 

 Is red a part of your home decor?

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