Thursday, January 30, 2014

8 Simple ways to make your space interesting

Details in decor can make or break a design especially when you have a more minimal look (not a lot of stuff around).  You need something interesting  to draw the eye and provide a  momentary resting place.  It might be a texture, a beautifully shaped stool, or an embellishment.  A space without details is immensely boring and who wants a boring home?   Here are simple ways to add some pizazz to your space. Each  space will have a different starting point.


1. Use art  to create a vignette

art vignette yellow interesting space
Eye catching art anchors design

Choose eye catching art and use it to create a vignette.  In this space the yellow chair creates a visual flow from the artwork and it is anchored by the stripes in the rug. Books provide a casual look but other items could be added to the bench to continue the tone set by the art.

   2. Add pattern and texture

greek key pattern texture interesting space
Greek key detailing adds interest

The addition of pattern to any space instantly makes it more interesting .  Also consider using texture for a quiet way to add additional interest.

 3. Bring the outside in

wood stool bathroom interesting space
 Add outside materials inside

 Who wouldn't notice the natural wood element in this stool in a hard edged bathroom.  The repetition of natural shapes from outside to inside woks so well to move the eye to the welcoming outside view.

4. Layer furniture and accessories

bookcase wallpaper focal point interesting space
Patttern and colour with accessories create a complex focal point

 Some focal points are large and a room is created around them.  Other times a secondary focal point can be introduced in a quiet corner of a space. This solution works when there are several seating areas in one space. Layering furniture and accessories is one way to create interest.

5. Choose spectacular lighting

Tom Dixon lighting interesting space
 Spectacular Tom Dixon lighting

 Who could ignore the variety of shapes in these black pendants  that anchor the dining space in an open concept home? There are all kinds of lighting choices to adorn your space.  Find the one that is right for you.

6.  Use geometry

black white stripes hexagons gold  interesting space
 Black and white is always eye catching

When you combine several geometric shapes in one vignette, it can create a powerful focus.  When you add high contrast it is difficult to ignore.  Pop some gold into the combination and you have to look - more than once!

 7. Use common items in unique ways

starfish mirror interesting space
 A simple starfish repeated many times

Take one starfish and it has an interesting shape.  Repeat that shape many times by overlapping and you have a sculpture that begs to be looked at and touched.

8. Use pops of  warm colours

Red is an eye catcher

If you want instant attention choose red, yellow or orange as an accent.  Warm colours beg to be noticed by advancing visually in your space.

Now that was easy.  If you have a space you aren't pleased with perhaps one of these suggestions might help to create more visual interest. Do you have favourite ways to create interest in your home?

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