Monday, December 23, 2013

10 Special Painted Santas

Santas are an important part of Christmas decorating  in my house.  Rather than buying them over the years, I've enjoyed creating my painted Santas.  I began with tall wooden  Santas that stood like sentinels on my stairs each Christmas.

painted birdhouse santa
Birdhouse Santa

For many years  this family of Santas  provided a great topic of conversation for guests who were eager to see what the new Santa would be.  As time passed, so did  my interest in just a little too many Christmas decorations.  These  Santas now  lie in my storage room lonely, covered in dust, and  reminiscing about better times.  Perhaps they will become the illustrations for  Christmas stories for my granddaughters. 

The Santas that still hold a special place in my heart, and get displayed on my  tree each year, are the small ornamental ones. No material was sacred: slate, driftwood, balsa wood, cinnamon sticks, light bulbs etc. . Today they all sit proudly next to glittery balls, sparkly stars and other finery.  It is never the glitz that people admire on my tree; it is always my Santas. So much for sparkle.

painted Swedish Santa
Swedish Santa

90's Driftwood Santa Designing Home
Driftwood Santa

Holly painted Santa Designing Home
Holly Santa

painted Santa striped Designing Home
 Striped Santa

painted Santa Designing Home
Green eyed Santa

painted Santa Margaret Ryall
 Light bulb Santa
Long Beard Santa

painted Santa Margaret Ryall
 Slate Santa Blue Eyes

painted Santa
 Santa Don

painted Santa
Cinnamon Santa

What special ornaments hold a place in your yearly  Christmas decor?

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