Friday, November 15, 2013

The big cover up

No it's  not a scandal!  Nothing juicy really.  I got to thinking about the artful display of throws when I came downstairs this morning to find this jumble left from the night before. 


I am interested in comfort and function as well as style.  While this throw gets used almost daily it  also adds to the overall feel of our family room.  In terms of design, the main attraction when I  first saw it at Costco  was its texture and muted colour;  I knew  it would sit nicely on my family room sofa and not disrupt the pattern play of the two pillows.

accessories throws   Designing Home
 Margaret Ryall

Here is where it first lived when I brought it home.  After several new furniture purchases the chair has moved to another room and the throw and pillow are now on the sofa. As you can see, it still serves the same design purpose  as on the chair by adding texture. Apart from function, here are some of the reasons a throw might be a good purchase for your living room:

Use a throw to add texture to a space.

This throw has two elements for the price of one.... lots of pattern too.

The ultimate texture ... fur real or fake.

In this perfectly neutral scheme the throw adds very subtle texture.

Use a throw to solve a design dilemma

 Margaret Ryall

This Turkish throw helps integrate the railing between my living and dining room  into the colour flow without having the orange undertone in the stain as an accent colour.  It also serves to break up the expanse of rail. .

If these lovely navy and white throws were not on these chairs they would totally disappear into the wall. They also serve to add a third pattern into the scheme.

Use a throw to add an accent colour

This is an interesting arrangement of throws in a chair.  I would rather not see the fringes, but the layering is subtle and lovely. Love the yellow and gray.

It seems  yellow is a very popular colour accent! The National Geographic magazines under each table are an interesting touch given the area rug looks like written text.

This room has a lovely colour flow and the folded throw moves the green to the two ottomans. 

 Use a throw to add pattern

 I have throw envy with this one.  Love the bold geometric pattern, and I quite like a throw over the arm of a chair. Notice the other one on the lounge section.  Lots of texture.  Two seems excessive to me, but probably there are two homeowners who like to cover up.

 Stephanie Wiley Photography

Although the pattern is very subtle on these chairs, it does add to the room.  I think I would have added it in the pillows, but that's just me. 

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  1. I have used throws to cover worn or dog eaten couches. Lol. I like using pillows and throws mainly for napping or keeping cosy while watching tv. They match the deco of course.


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