Thursday, November 28, 2013

8 Ways to fill empty corners

The four corners of a room are often a no man's land when it comes to design.  I am not saying that you have to fill up every corner with something, but I am advocating thinking about your space to determine if  it might need to look more "fulfilled". Here are some of my favourite solutions:


8 Ways to fill empty corners
Using Art to fill an empty corner
Margaret Ryall

 Usually you can't walk right up to art you place in a corner,  so choose something that can be read from a distance. This lovely matted and framed wood sculpture is stunning for corner purposes.  It brightens up the space, fills it nicely, provides a backdrop for the dark table and lamp base and is a bit of a conversation piece. I was so excited when it was hung on my clients' wall.  

 using art to fill empty corners

This colourful mid century modern space needs art work to match.   It creates another layer for the space that invites the eye to roam and then return to the equally colourful lamp and chair. 

 Round table and two chairs

two chairs round table  in  corner

Round tables are great for corners because they allow you to fill the awkward space and at the same time move your eye around so you don't get stuck there visually. The addition of the lamp provides the third height thus creating a more interesting design.

Tall  floral arrangement

round table and ottomans foyer

 When you have the height why not go for it and use something tall to fill the space.  Again a round table is the mainstay for  this foyer area. 

 Built in bookcase 

corner bookcase workspace
Vicente Burin Architects

This beautiful set of bookcases  tucks effortlessly into a corner.  The colour adds to the whole space and the minimal arrangement of objects and books ensures it isn't too busy. 

Chair and floor lamp 

vignette chair ottoman lamp corner
 Cravotta Interiors

A round floor lamp behind a chair is a perfect and quite functional solution for a corner. 

chair ottoman floor lamp in corner

In larger spaces the addition of a round table helps to fill the corner and provide variety in heights. 

 A  workspace 

desk chair art in small space
Siemasko + Verbridge

Tidy and interesting  art too.

built in office desk under stairs
  Leslie Goodwin Photography

Or perhaps a larger space to make use of a corner under a stairs.  

 built in  workspace desk in corner
SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

Large scale vases/urns

large urns in dining room
InHouse Design Studio

Sometimes you need a certain something to complete a design and these two large scale floor vases do just that.  Imagine the space without them.  

large vase with greenery and sticks kitchen

 This arrangement is not in a corner, but it very well could be.  Rather than bamboo you could use birch sticks if you wanted a more rustic look.

 Corner mirror and two chairs

corner with two chairs table and mirror

Love this solution because it expands the space making it seem like it goes on forever. The glitz and sparkle doesn't hurt either . 

Then there's tall plants, built in benches, screens .... The list is as long as your imagination.  Do you have any bright ideas for filling corners?

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