Monday, February 18, 2013

The dish on modern design

Modern style is a clean, streamlined furniture and architecture style that first appeared in the  1930s with roots in the German Bauhaus School of Design and Scandinavian modern design.   The modern movement was a response to what happened in design and history up to that point.  Art, architecture and  interior design broke from traditional detailing and styles and forged a new path. Modern design is still a prominent style in today's homes where homeowners seek original mid century modern furniture and accessories or resort to reproduction pieces.

  Defining characteristics of  modern interior design include:

 John Maniscalco Architecture
  •  simple, minimal, flat surfaces and unbroken lines 
  • low profile furniture with raised legs for an airy look 
  • wood floors but sometimes, cork, cement or rubber
  • minimal accessories

  • emphasis on form, geometric shapes
  • large windows that let the outside in
  • natural elements for accessories (large plants, sculptural twigs)

  • use of metals, leather and glass

    •  molded plywood, clear and white plastics for furniture

    •  simple or no hardware

    George Nijland
    •  predominately light walls, especially white
    • controlled use of pure colours in furniture/accessories ( mostly red, yellow, blue) 
    • use of texture 
    • use of art to add colour,  design elements and a focal point

      use of geometric patterning


    Many of the iconic furniture pieces of mid century design are still reproduced today and this confuses people because modern  is not that new! What some consider leading edge has been popular since the middle of the century.

     One of the strongest trends in home decor  today is to mix  modern pieces with contemporary decor.   The overall tone of this room is mid century  modern , but the severity of line and the more minimal approach has been softened with accessories.  Removing flowers, books, vases and pillows would create a truly modern decor.

     In my own home I like to mix mid century modern  pieces like the dresser, bed and chair with softer accents and a range of patterns and textures.


    1. Awesome blog i really like this.I think Contemporary furniture should have straight lines, clean edges and bold color. Geometrical shapes looks very trendy. Place the furniture in uncluttered way.More tips click here

    2. The evolution of furniture design is indeed an astounding transformation—from ornate details to fresh and clean-cut lines. Anyway, thanks for outlining the facts about modern furniture. Appreciate it so much. Cheers!


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