Monday, December 31, 2012

Are decor trends important?

I am interested in following the latest  trends in interior design.   I need to know these things to have relevant discussions with clients and to understand where the industry is headed.  Many  trends come and go without ever hitting the average home.

Colour of the year is a good example of a temporary trend.  Depending on which paint company your like, you will have a different colour of the year!   I use Benjamin Moore paint and this year the colour of the year is ....

 Lemon Sorbet 2019-60

This is an interesting fact to know, but I doubt this time next year it will make much difference  because there will be a new colour of the year.

 Then there are broader colour trends that seem to last for much longer, e.g., the change from beige/brown to grays as the predominant neutral in home decor.  This type of information  is  more important to be aware of because it produces whole palette shifts in home accessories including textiles. The  change to grays has moved palettes from warmer and earthy  to cooler and cleaner colours.

 Rather than the burnt orange/rust  of the brown/beige  era

 you will now find  a more true orange mixed with grays.

 Rather than olive/mossy greens of the brown era...

  you will find fresh apple greens.

You can have such wonderful pops of colour with grays and this is reflected in the vibrancy of home accessories available in the market place today. 

 Several years ago I looked for emerald green accessories for a client.  It was almost impossible to find any!  Pantone's colour of the year for 2013 is...

I find Pantone's colour predictions have more impact on fashion and home decor than those of specific  paint companies. This year you will have no difficulty finding emerald green accessories.

 It is important to keep up with trends that will  impact big ticket, relatively permanent products like hardwood, tile and cabinets.  You do not want to select something that will be dated  quickly.  Awareness of these trends does not mean you have to buy into them.  Sometimes choosing exactly the opposite is the the best design solution for longevity.   That is why it is wiser to choose  more neutral  long term items for your home.

Homeowners  who jumped on the dark wood look  for kitchens will probably end up sorry for their selection sooner rather than later.     Extremes rarely work for long periods of time. I predict the patterned glass mosaic backsplash tile that is all the rage now  will have run its course soon too.

That's why classic soft white kitchen cabinets will always work. There are no extremes in this kitchen.   The style is softly traditional, the tiles are plain and the counters are  lighter granite.   I know it isn't everyone's cup of tea.  I am talking about what stands the test of time.

Staying with a traditional example, if you don't like white, consider a more mid tone neutral  or  ...

  mid toned stained  wood. 

Stay tuned for 2013 decor trends with staying power. 


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