Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hot seats

Dining rooms have a tendency to be formal affairs with matching table and chairs. but that doesn't mean they have to be. You can shake it up with unique styles and colours.    Here are some of my favourite Wow dining "sets" from my Pinterest collection. 

Make it  patterned

These luxurious chairs invite you to cozy up to the table. I'm a sucker for texture, and I would totally enjoy having a meal at this table.  Think of how soft the fabric would be!   I like the fact that the chairs  are patterned on the back and  plain on the opposite side.  The tufting supports the more traditional design and the high back chairs at the ends work well with the size of the space and the curves of the other chairs. The  hobbled roman shade is is a soft but clean window treatment in this room.  Lots of ideas to steal in this set up.

Repeated curves

 Lately I'm very attracted to everything aqua. Doesn't this colour look great with dark wood?  Curves abound in this room - in the draperies, the stairs, the chair arms, the vines in the carpet and in the light fixture. A soothing room all around with an unconventional chair colour.

 Popping yellow

Who could ignore these canary yellow chairs? I love the way everything else in the room plays second fiddle to the chairs and allows them to be the star. I want to whisk those red flowers away though. Don't we all have our opinions about what looks best.

Serene colour scheme

This room is different in every way from the one above. I love the clean lines of the benches and chairs . Remember that you need a central leg or an X leg if you want to move easily to and from a bench style seat. Armless banquettes are the most versatile.   The texture on the front of the buffet;  the circular ceramic vases with  twigs, and the rounded edges of the table add interesting lines and some complexity to the room. The colour and lines of the light fixture work well with everything else.  Doesn't this room look serene?

 Repetition of curves

More  banquettes, but this time paired with patterned chairs and a curvy table. The four leg table design will make getting into the banquette a little more difficult.The arms will add to the problem.    The chair  shape is repeated in the  mirror and the doors of the buffet.   An interesting mix.

There's nothing formal about this room! It will definitely appeal to the colour and texture lovers out there. I want to see a more substantial table with all this colour, but that's just me.

How do you feel about chairs and tables not matching?

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