Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Timeless design

San Fransisco based designer Jiun Ho creates rooms that are harmonious and balanced by using textures against clean lines, simple fabrics and inviting shapes. I am attracted to his interior spaces because they re so well thought out and the scale of everything always seems right. Symmetry and restraint play a prominent role in all his work.  If I had to describe his interiors I would say they are tranquil,  classic and timeless, three characteristics that make beautiful interiors.   He describes his work as   " ... all about style rather than fashion, all about relaxed living rather than studied formality." 
 The quite simplicity of this entrance is perfect.  Some might consider it too stark, but I always find clean lines and minimalism  invite one to relax.

This small kitchen space uses an island to increase storage and provide an eating area. Although the cabinets are a darker colour, the lighter walls, floor and  seats balance the darks nicely. 

There is an overall lack of "objects" here,  but those that are chosen have perfect scale for the room.

In his palettes  you usually find one colour as an accent  used with darker neutrals - in this case  brown red . In the rooms below it's a rich gold.

 These two rooms share the fireplace and you can peek through from one to the other.  Perfection. Again darks are broken up with a significant amount of light and the lighting is provided by clean lined fixtures with bold scale.

How do you feel about these rooms?   Do you have a favourite?

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