Saturday, March 17, 2012

Adding freshness to your home

  We are now in our fog  and freezing rain stage  after a winter of cold and snow.

Even my cheery yellow chairs which I see every day  from my kitchen window aren't  helping me feel like spring is just around the corner. I like gray, but not the gray that shrouds our island in  March.  So my thoughts go to spring which we won't get until late April or early May.

In the summer I always have flowers from my garden but in winter and early spring they are purchased.  There's nothing like flowers to bring nature and freshness into your space. Using colourful books on a table or changing pillow covers are  also  inexpensive way to perk up a room.  A throw over a chair, bed or sofa back is also an inexpensive way to add splashes of colour.

 Choosing art works  with vibrant colours will add instant freshness and warmth to a space.

 If you want that fresh feeling in your home look to  nature for your inspiration.  You will discover all the colours that make you happy. Use these colours  to develop a complete colour scheme or pick them up as accents.

Breakers Beach House contemporary bedroom
Viscusi Elson Interior Design - Gina Viscusi Elson via Houzz

 Green is the ultimate fresh colour and when you pair it with white you will always have an inviting space.  Pillows or art work with nature inspired themes like leaves or flowers add a whole other layer of freshness to the blandest decor.

Poke small plants into a table top vignette and use nature inspired ceramics to create energy.  Botanical prints always work.

Sweet as a Candy eclectic hall
  Sweet as a Candy

Topiary  and wreaths laid horizontally  can add inviting touches of nature to arrangements.Again white is the perfect backdrop for green.
OLD BRAND NEW modern hall

 Camilla Molders Design contemporary living room

 If you're someone who can't keep a plant alive for longer than two weeks buy sculptural leaves and artfully add them  to your room. They have a long shelf life! 

Amoroso Design contemporary family room
 Amoroso Design

Bath contemporary bathroom

You don't need to break the bank when buying fresh flowers .  Make up for quantity by buying the most vivid blooms you can find and group them in threes. 

Vintage Residence contemporary dining room
Jessica Lagrange Interiors LLC

Use fresh fruit to add beautiful colour to your space. These green apples leap off the table in  this high contrast scheme.  Note the splashes of lavender blue too.
Somerly Clubroom eclectic living room
Niki Papadopoulos via houzz

Pillows and  other accessories can be quickly changed from room to room to make a space look new.  You never know where you will find objects in my house. Recycling what you already own adds freshness to your space.

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