Tuesday, February 7, 2012

5 +1 Design Solutions

Every home has challenges- not enough  storage space, oddly shaped rooms, nowhere to put the TV etc.  There is always a good design solution for every problem. All it takes is patience to look for the solution or some thought to figure it out yourself.  Sometimes the solution is a mixture of the two.     Do any of these ideas help solve a design problem in your house?

 No  space  for a desk


So you think you have no room for a small desk in a room.  I love this idea of a fold up desk that turns into a framed art work.
Space too open

A floating wall of this type serves to partially separate a space while adding a place  to locate furniture.

No wall for a TV


What about no wall space for a TV?  This happens in many open area homes, but there are solutions as you can see. 

No space for a buffet

Sometimes taking space from another room or a hallway is an option.  This buffet fits perfectly into a small space. 

Small foyer


When you have a small entrance space consider fooling the eye by using a large mirror and layering furniture in front of it.  This sleek table accepts a bench below it very nicely.  It looks good but the bench is also functional.

Looking for a home office

This is such a great solution for a small space.  The trunk can do double duty as a coffee table and a space to lay your laptop when the lid is closed


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