Saturday, January 28, 2012

Sneak peek

It seems I've been in the middle of a bedroom update forever.  It takes so long when you are doing things yourself.  This is the before picture.  My husband loves black and I love geometric patterns.  Everything in this picture including the carpet and window seat are gone or going.

The new look will be the opposite to the strong contrast of this one.

The new look:
Soft and serene, no one thing standing out- harmonized to the hilt
Lots of textures and gentle patterns

 My new duvet cover is very patterned but soft looking.I'm still working on accessory pillows to play with this design. I like to do that when everything else is completed.

 Love this basket I found at Winners.  Don't like the dark interior so a little spray paint will be in order.  I want some  very tall  natural colour sticks to put in it.  Still looking.

 New light fixture from Rona.  I spied this when I was shopping with a client and loved it.  When I went back to buy it,  both styles were marked down to $20.00!  I bought  one of each.  Here's the other style just waiting for a new home possibly in my summer house.

 My refinished oak mid century modern bureau.

   Can you believe that I had this beauty in my studio? I stripped it, sanded, created a grayed green wash (water and paint), brushed it on, wiped it off, dried overnight,  and then applied a coat of satin varathane. I left the exposed border and areas behind the drawers natural colour.

You can see that I like my hardwood light no matter what the current trends!  This mirror is temporary until I can bring the one I want back from my summer house.

 Handy hubby made dividers for the skinny top drawer and now I have a very tidy storage space for all my jewellrey. 

 New tray from my sister, two vases originally black got the spray paint treatment. Still working on the arrangement of all these piece and still collecting.

One of my  mixed media art works called Turning Point, new drapes which are tone on tone with the wall colour - Benjamin Moore AF Collector's Item.  I can't praise this colour enough if you want a warm, soft neutral for any room in your house.


More art work.  I'll always love this piece created by a friend  Cathy Driedzic.    I'm working on a new painting for over the bed. 

 This trunk/bench  is currently being used in place of my built in window seat which had to be removed to lay the hardwood.  Haven't decided if it will stay here or go to the other side of the room where is originally resided. Colour Benjamin Moore AF Wind Chime

 How it currently looks.  Painting is coming down because it is lost in this space. One nail hole to fill in. It will probably go on the wall by the closet - nice narrow space for it.

An there you have it.  We are moving to a king size bed and trying to decide on a design for hubby to make.  Too many ideas, too many discussions, and not a lot of patience because I want it done, like yesterday.  The full reveal will come later. 

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