Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bathroom renovation woes

Sometimes having too many ideas is just as bad as having too few.  I am definitely swimming in the idea pond when it  comes to my main bath renovation.  Right now  the space  is a product of the mid eighties with white square tiles, gray fixtures and a white European vanity and upper cabinets.

  Everything has to go and we are taking out the tub to put in a walk in shower. I can't stop dreaming up new ideas, so I'm using this post as my own sounding board. Hopefully it won't be all personal and you, my readers, might find my sorting process of some help in any home changes you  have planned.

The look I like:
  • overall design more contemporary than traditional
  • simple, clean lines, not cluttered (lots of storage options)
  • soothing, natural colours  which are not too cool -  warmish neutrals) 
  • lots of texture (always a must in my house)
  • weathered wood in gray driftwood tones  (a favouite since I was 20 and that's many years ago!) or light to medium wood tones - nothing dark and heavy.  I rarely follow trends in my own home decisions.
  • brushed metal finishes, raised basin but not too high
  • mixture of tile sizes depending on placement, no obvious/contrasting border
The inspiration shots:

contemporary bathroom ideas contemporary bathroom
 Dick Clark Architecture

This room is light, airy and has very clean lines.  There are options for storage,  but things could get cluttered because  everything would be exposed.  I  like the wood tone but the small glass mosaics may quickly become outdated. The square tiles are a little too predictable. So I'm left with the wood tone!

 South Shore Residence contemporary bathroom

LOVE the shape and colour of the vanity.  It has both open and closed storage so it fits the storage bill.  Hubby could  whip this up in several days!  I also like the grain in the larger floor tiles.  Looking good. 
Best Builders ltd modern bathroom
Best Builders ltd

Floor and vanity fit the bill in every way.  Colour tones are my favourite, the wood grain tiles are fantastic and  you could run the same tiles up the wall of the shower and alternate with a small scale tile on the floor of the shower. It's good to keep the same tones in all the tiles used when you are working with a small space.  

Master Bathroom contemporary bathroom

Tones in this vanity are a little warmer and I love the shape. All storage is hidden and  I'm attracted to the  textured wall and the full mirror with a ledge. 
Best Builders ltd modern bathroom
 Best Builders ltd

 Love the color tones in this hideaway storage (slightly purplish).  This idea could be fitted into the right and left side of the vanity to look like doors.

I first saw this picture in a magazine and I've kept it.  I love the vanity colour and shape. It's very mid century modernish in styling and I have other pieces similar in my house.  It is an easy style to replicate (I know I am lucky to have my own furniture maker on the premises.)

While at CHil Design Group contemporary bathroom
 I like the idea of using the textured stone as a backdrop for the vanity and mirror but it would work best if you have a defined space between two walls.  I don't. 

While this counter is  slightly too golden for my tastes, I like the layout , cabinets and the space for hanging a towel. One of the things you have to consider when you have side cabinets is how the light will reach the rest of the room if you don't have a ceiling light. . 

Master Bathroom contemporary bathroom
Then there's always white, but all the other vanities in the house are white so.... . maybe not.  I like the storage, the legs, and the wood grained tiles.

I'm getting there...  Stay tuned for more updates on this 2012 reno.

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