Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas decorating- mini trees

One of the standard Christmas motifs is the tree. You can use the mini version to decorate in various ways.  Many simple forms can be created from scratch and others can be purchased.   You are limited  only by your ingenuity.

Stylized Trees

 Ah, it seems buttons can be used for everything.  I quite like this tree in white.  Use white topped stick pins to attach the buttons to the styrofoam form.

  Use a foam tree form covered in Saran Wrap and  wrap yarn or string around it.  Slather with white glue and let dry. Remove the form.  Decorate as you prefer.This is so simple, kids could do it.

 These trees are all covered in tissue paper used in various ways.  The tutorial at the above site is excellent.I love how the small rosettes were created.
Natural  twine (jute or hemp)  wrapped forms with a red cloth /tray looks very effective.Adding the white berries further enhances everything. 

 This is a perfect use for scrapbooking papers. There are so many patterns out there to match any decor.  

This is a modern twist on an old favourite. You can leave them up all year. They look  good because of the strong black white contrast and patterning.

Trees from nature

Pine cone topiaries can be purchased or created .  They look best when there are two of them used  symmetrically to bank a fireplace or accent table.

Use flower foam and white carnations to create this interesting centerpiece. I'd skip the tiny ornaments and have a green pot.


Small potted trees offer many options in the home. This woodland inspired decor in white is lovely.


Rosemary trees and other naturals are popular at Christmas time, but how do you integrate them into your decor in a interesting way?  Consider antique jugs or  pails and arrange on steps or on a mantle.   

There you have it.  Day 5 of Christmas decorating ideas.  I could go on but I'll refrain and save some for next year.


  1. Thanks so much for including a picture of my tissue trees, but please link back to my blog at

  2. Will do Dacia. I must have still had the link from the previous image saved. I am very committed to linking to the source of the images used in my posts.


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