Monday, December 5, 2011

Simple Christmas table decorations

Some homes are so overdecorated for Christmas you don't know what to look at and come away with a jumble of impressions. How much better is it to present a simple display that gets noticed.

Before you go out and buy new objects to decorate look at what you have with a creative eye.  There are so many possibilities.  I hope this collection gives you ideas of your own.

Fresh Flowers

cream green poinsettias  green bottles Christmas table
Cream poinsettias in green bottles

I've always loved cream coloured poinsettias.  As you near Christmas they often go on sale and the longer you wait the less you'll pay.  If your deal looks a little bedraggled this is the perfect solution. Cut  the blooms and arrange separately in bottles or clear glass vases. Perfect.

red amaryllis white candles Christmas table
Amaryllis and candles

Keep your display simple and repetitive.  Amaryllis is the flower of choice here but carnations are relatively inexpensive and last forever. 

Tiered Trays

silver ornaments tiered tray Christmas table
Ornaments and greenery with a tiered cookie stand
green ornaments stacked cake plates Christmas table
Green ornaments on stacked cake plates

Consider stacking several cake plates of varying sizes to make an arrangement similar to this one.

Glass Candlestick Holders

glass candleholders mirrored tray Christmas table
Glass candleholders on mirrored tray


glass candleholders glitter candles Christmas table
Glass candleholders with silver and gold glitter candles

Create your own glitter candles and display with glass candle holders. Place a few candles in a large box and coat with spray adhesive (sold at crafts stores). Spoon glitter over the candles to coat; let dry overnight.

Fresh Fruit

oranges pine candles mirror Christmas decorations
Oranges with pine and candles on mirror
Divine Distractions

Simple white candles of varying heights, oranges and greenery.

pears and pink ornaments with cedar and candle Christmas table
Pears and pink ornaments with candle

The pink adds that special touch to this display of greenery and pears.


colourful candles in glass container Christmas table
Colourful ornaments in a glass container

Layer a vase on a tray of similar shape and fill with ornaments.

pine and pinecones under glass Christmas table
Pine and pinecones under glass
Good Life of Design

fruit and tall vases with candles and greenery Christmas table
Fruit in tall vases with candles and greenery
Tall glass  vases or jars are perfect for displaying ornaments  or fruits as a centerpiece.  Add in some greenery and few candles and presto- stunning centerpiece

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