Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas decorating - 12 unique wreaths you can make

Wreaths are part of Christmas and there are thousands of different designs in the market place. These wreaths are not the bought kind.  I selected them because they are quirky, interesting and easily crafted at home with a bit of elbow grease and ingenuity.  Check the links provided for instructions. 

 Cut twigs into slices on a band saw and glue on a foam wreath form.   Love it.  If you don't know someone with a band saw, you need to cultivate a new friend! I would skip the bow and just use a burlap loop.

Cover a wreath form with satin ribbon and glue on seed pearls. That should keep you busy for awhile.

You can purchase large MDF letters at Michael's  or cut your own.  It is important to seal MDF with primer or Varathane before beginning. Water and MDF are not a good match!. I would paint the form red before attaching the berries with glue.  If you can't find MDF letters, cut one out of foam core that can be purchased at any art supply store.  


Feathers are hot this year. The appearance of yours will depend on the kinds of feathers you can find.

 Love the warn wreaths that seem to be everywhere this Christmas.  It's a great way to use up odd bits of yarn.

I've loved buttons since I was a child.This white-on-white wreath is so cute. Simply wrap a straw wreath with cream-colored muslin fabric and stitch on a multitude of pearly buttons.It you're not in a stitching mood, use hot glue.

 3 D paper stars are beautiful when  massed into a wreath. Directions can be found at link above.

 This is a take on ornament wreaths that have been around for awhile.  This one is very effective because of the colour scheme and the variety in ornament sizes.There are detailed instructions on the link above.

 I can't resist silver stars on green. This can be purchased but it would be so easy to make.

 Good Housekeeping

This one is for the birds!  Recycle a wooden frame by covering it with nontoxic glue, then sprinkling it with bird seed. Place the wreath outdoors for all your feathered friends.

 First, wrap a straw wreath form with red ribbon, then use a hot-glue gun to attach each piece of candy.I've seen a similar one with striped peppermint candy. Very effective.

And who could resist a wreath made out of old bling?

If you have a favourite unique wreath I'd love to hear about it. 

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