Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday tip # 9 - small rooms

Stamford Bedroom Detail traditional bedroom
Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

There are many options when one has to decorate a small room.  These ideas are built on the principle of keeping all aspects of the decor as minimal and connected as possible. Since this is the look I prefer in any room, small rooms are never a challenge and I even prefer them. 
  • choose a monochromatic colour scheme (as above), or a neutral one with pops of colour
  • keep accessories in one colour range (in this room it's brass)
  • use multipurpose furniture ( stacking tables)
  • consider adding a shelf for storage/display to move things  off the floor
  • use multipurpose accessories (lamp that looks like a sculpture; interesting mirror instead of art work; beautiful boxes that can be used for storage
  • use many textures instead of bold patterns (in pillows, window treatments)
  • use furniture that is in proportion to the room
  • keep the lines of larger pieces simple
  • when choosing artwork focus on one striking piece and have anything else play a supporting role.  
  • use strong verticals to move your eye up (long drapes, vertical art work, tall slim lamps)
  • use your window as a backdrop for the placement of a prominent piece of furniture (bed i or chair)

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