Monday, November 7, 2011

Subtle adjustments

Small changes can create large impact in design; sometimes the changes are not so large, but there's an improvement.  Either way move around your home with a critical eye for small tweaks you can make... add a pillow here, reposition artwork, remove a pile of books...

 When I am at my summer home, I often have too much time on my hands so things get moved around quite a bit.  Here's an example of a small tweaks adding a little impact and interest.  Remember this is a summer home , so everything in it is recycled from somewhere else.  Isn't a summer home all about looking good on a budget which includes lots of DIY? 

Remember the days of cloth covered tables?  This table is a left over from that era and I repainted in the current colour scheme. I've tried to retire it several times, but I like the open, legginess of it.  Both objects on the table interact in a nice way  but there are only two of them.  You need at least 3 for interest. Let's look around...

 Found some books (surprise, surprise) and a small painting I bought in Paris in 2001 (look in the window and see the Eiffel Tower reflected). Now we have a classic checkmark design with the picture at the lowest point.  Varying heights always add interest. But it could be better.

 Now you can see the lamp base and the checkmark is wider at both ends.  I like things more open.

 I've moved from a checkmark design to a classic A shape with the tallest object in the middle and each object is a different height. I like it.If the dolphins were facing out this would make the design less cohesive.

Still an A but not as interesting for me.  The dolphinsneed to be moved away from the lamp base (they look like they're sniffing it). Also notice in these pics how a camera changes the wall colour. The third and fourth pic are closest to the actual colour.

 Start looking to see where you can make  subtle adjustments. 

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