Friday, November 11, 2011

Inspiration snaps

When I travel my camera is always with me because I don't want to miss any inspirational moments for art or design.  I thought my readers might enjoy seeing some of the "snaps" that I found interesting.

This was the table decoration in the lobby of a boutique hotel in London.  Carnations last forever and made an interesting colour shape statement when pulled apart and floated on water in a very large stainless steel bowl.  We were there 3 days and the arrangement still looked fresh when we left.


I spied this chair poking out of an opened patio door in a restaurant in a small town in Devon.  It was instant love.  I wanted to put it in my suitcase and run. Purple gray and chartreuse circles on soft white-totally perfect.

Beautiful pottery in Beer, Devon.  I loved the orange and turquoise combination.


Leave it to Swedish design.  These candlesticks can be moved from a central base and reformed into various arrangements.Natural wood on the inside with dark chocolate stain  on the outside edges.

How functional and attractive can you get?   Just pick up the metal tray and go.Love the red one best of all and I have absolutely no red in my house.

In Prague we stayed at a wonderful hotel called Hotel Maximilian.  The service was excellent and the decor was modern. I was very attracted to the orange and gray combinations and the chairs were super comfortable. The vases were by local artists.  There's a strong history of glass production in the city. 

Loved my black and white modern bathroom in a Holiday Inn Express in Dresden.  I'm getting ready to redo my own bathroom and I love there long rectangular tiles stacked in this way.

So sculptural and perfectly purple in the same hotel.  How lucky to find such great accommodations at a good price when travelling.

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