Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday Tip -Fall is in the air

Many people focus on new beginnings in January, but mine are always prompted by the arrival of September.  I put it down to my past career as a teacher when September was the month of planning and new possibilities.

I just returned from a month in Europe and my mind is agog with all the possible posts I could write and it's hard to select the best idea .  When I feel like this I have to do something to focus my thoughts. Rather than choosing one topic  I've decided to go broader.  I'm beginning a new post focus which I'm calling Thursday Tips.  Each Thursday I will feature one image and several simple ideas that could be easily translated into your home decor. 
buffet table inspiration set 1  entry

Orange gaining favour in 2012
The colour forecasts for 2012 are just beginning to appear and orange seems to be in favour.  Not the toned "dirty" oranges of past years, but a fresher variety that brings warmth and thoughts of  a fresh autumn day.

Layering in Decor
While this orange chair is very striking, you don't need  to make such a large purchase to get an up to date look.  The tulips in the vase above are lovely in spring, but think about   Chinese Lanterns to bring a blast of  fall orange. Twigs and branches in the arrangement add structural elements and height which helps focus your attention . Stacking two mirrors of different heights on a console table provides a backdrop for your arrangement and also provides  interesting layers.Always think layers when you are decorating.

If you have a neutral chair, an orange throw draped over the back or arm would add just the right amount of colour.

Crate and Barrel

When I'm adding in colour accents in this way I usually think in threes and using varying proportions  of the colour.  Think about small, medium and larger sized accessories and you can't go wrong. Variety is another key word in decorating.  Find your varying sizes in pillows, boxes or canvas totes,  a piece of artwork or large pillar candles.  Style at Home offers 10 ideas for adding Tangerine to your decor. 

What's your favourite accent colour? 

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