Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Thoughts on coffee tables

Coffee or cocktail tables are always a challenge when designing a room. It's easy to go out and buy a matching set of coffee and end tables, but you will have a set of three things the same colour and design.  Three is good in design but all the same is not! Mixing it up allows you to add variety in texture, scale and colour.  The eye seek interest. Here's a little variety in coffee table options. 

Glass or lucite

New England Contemporary Living Room contemporary living room
Sleek Living Room modern living room

Sometimes you do not want a coffee table to dominate a room.  Perhaps you have a small space between furniture pieces or you want to control the amount of weighted colour. Maybe you are not fond of wood tones or you have a colourful rug you want to show off.  In all of these cases a lucite or glass coffee table fits the bill.  


family room modern family room
Dufner Heighes Inc

Organic shapes or the real thing can make an interesting conversation piece and serve as a coffee table. Large pieces of driftwood and a piece of tempered glass make a great do it yourself table. 

Media Room contemporary media room
James Cleary Architecture

showhouse contemporary living room 
Dillard Design Group, LLC

Ominous artwork but great coffee table. The combination of organic wood and hard edged metal really works.  The lucite end tables are insignificant when paired with it.  Rethinking might be in order.


family room contemporary family room
 twenty7 design

 Beach House eclectic living room

Think trunks when you want interest and function. You can find great thrift store finds or buy new.  


Family Room eclectic family room
Busybee Design

 Casual  and functional

Mascheroni Construction contemporary family room
Mascheroni Construction

More sophisticated  


Sometimes you need a long,  narrow coffee table but they are very difficult to find .  Think outside the box and look for benches.

Nesting Tables

Venice 4 Living Room  living room

There's so many options one post isn't sufficient to explore them.  Stay tuned for more on this topic.


  1. I get so many ideas from you! Blogged about you today :-)
    Keep it up :-)

  2. Many thanks for the post St. John's Mom. I love it when what I write is helpful to someone else. I plan to keep it up with even more posts through the fall and winter. Stay tuned for new portfolios of work too.

  3. Oh I SO AGREE with you! Buying a set of tables is the most common mistake I see!

    xoxx Linda


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