Saturday, August 20, 2011

DIY wreaths

Want to liven up your entrance?  A wreath is always a quick way to give a nice jolt of colour and texture.  Of course there are lots out there to buy, but there's something special when you make your own.  Here are some of my favourite DIY wreaths.  For instructions click on the link under the photo. Hope you find one you fancy.

Take a little felt and...

Beans you say?

The Cottage Chick

Who knew a coffee filter could look like this?

Design Your Revolution

Everybody can find twigs and yarn.


Button wreaths look especially good when you keep them monochromatic.


A great way to display old photographs.  You could make a temporary one for a special birthday by using "poster sticky stuff" which can be removed. 


and for those who like it modern.

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