Sunday, July 17, 2011

High contrast

Do you like dramatic colour schemes? They have too much energy for me to live in, but I certainly find them attractive and I love the edgy a dramatic combination  produces. Contrast always demands attention and there's nothing like a combination of white and black to add high drama to a room.  Getting the colour balance right and finding interesting textures are challenges that must be overcome when you set out to command interest in any room. There can be degrees of contrast in a white/black scheme;  some are toned with the addition of grays or are heightened by the addition of a bold accent colour, some are white with a little black and some are black with a little white..

Perhaps you will be inspired to take the leap and create a white and black decor.  These rooms should provide lots of inspiration. 

front door view to stair contemporary entry
Mark English Architects, AIA

What an entrance!  Don't you wish you could visit this  house? 

And now for the view from the opposite end. 


There's no doubt that the geometric rug is the eye catcher in this design . Even the patterned drapes are forced to play second fiddle! The simple hotel bedding calms down the energy of the room and adds a splash of brightness.

Kelley Proxmire of Kelley Interior Design  creates tailored traditional interiors.  Many of her designs show an "appreciation for the fresh sophistication of white and the daring elegance of black". Strong black walls set the tone for this dramatic bedroom with colourful shell patterned accents.  

And now for the other side of the room.... 
Kelley Interior Design
Christine Ralphs and Michelle Lloyd make up a dynamic design team (Ralphs Lloyd Design) as you can see from the high contrast rooms I've highlighted below. 

 In this one white is the predominant colour with just enough black to provide contrast. The addition of the yellow flowers adds a simple but commanding touch.

Lloyd Ralphs Design

The addition of soft gray white on the walls  of this bedroom provides a soothing backdrop for this mostly white design. The splash of yellow again - just enough to provide a touch of energy.  

Lloyd Ralphs Design

 This is another room anchored by a dramatic area rug.  When you choose something this strong you've already established your future selections.  Note the touch of yellow  in the paintings.

Showhouse contemporary family room
Dillard Design Group, LLC

Red is another colour frequently seen as an accent with white and black. This room has just enough of it for my taste.  Judicious use of red with black is important to prevent that bordello look you probably wouldn't want to have in your house.  Love the artwork. 

Tobi Fairley

 Black with a hint of green in accents is one of my favourite combinations.  Designer Greg Natale  has created beautiful rooms black and white rooms with just touches of green. 

 Greg Natale

When you view the portfolio of Sydney designer Greg Natale  you quickly recognize that he has a way with using black and white and subtle accents of colour.  In this  room it's green in the rug and repeated again in the ferns. 

 Greg Natale

Greg Natale

Have you noticed that one of the elements present in many of these  high contrast rooms is a strongly patterned area rug?

White with some black, black with a little white, white and black with a colour accent... Which do you prefer?

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