Thursday, July 14, 2011

Choosing bedside tables

I am not fond of bedroom suites  or sets of anything really.  It is so much more interesting to see a well collected room where individual pieces have been thought out  with each piece adding individual notes to the overall design.  The minute you decide not to buy a  complete set you  have to start thinking about what, how many, how high, what colour,  etc.   Wonder no more!  Here are pointers that will help you choose interesting and design friendly furniture for your bedside. 

How High?
Your bedside tables  should not be so low that they look dwarfed by the bed  or so high that you have to reach way up to turn on a lamp. When your tables are the same height as your mattress (my preference) they provide a pleasing visual line all the way across.

AbbeyK, Inc. traditional bedroom
Abbeyk, Inc.

These mirrored cabinets make great bedside tables.  They reflect the colours around them adding additional interest and provide plenty of storage.  The height makes them easily accessible from the bed with tops wide enough to hold lamps and other objects.  Although they are large they do not look large because of the mirrored surface - a great addition to any decor.   
The most important thing to consider is the scale of the table when compared to the bed. If you have a king size bed you need a larger bedside table ranging from 20" - 40" wide.

A table should not be dwarfed by a bed.

Malibu Mediterranean mediterranean bedroom

When you don't have much space it if often better to go without a table .  In this situation the table isn't functional because there isn't any room to place anything on it. 

 A three drawer chest usually works out well as a bedside table for beds that have a higher headboard.  It would not be visually pleasing to have the top of the chest and the headboard the same height.


Bedroom eclectic bedroom

Habachy Designs contemporary bedroom
Habachy Designs

Modular furniture usually has a  bedside table lower than the mattress but the lines of the platform integrate the tables into a cohesive unit.

Do they have to match?

Not in my book.  I think it looks more interesting when bedside tables don't match, but it is more difficult to know what to put together. 

Bedrom traditional bedroom
If you  choose matching bedside tables consider using a padded headboard to break up the matching wood tones.


I like to pair a rectangular table with a round table especially if the bed is near a corner on one side. 

LAS VEGAS home  bedroom

 In this room one of the bedside tables is a  desk which could also convert into a dressing table. Multi-functional furniture provides many options in a smaller home.

What else could I use? 
Centsational girl traditional bedroom
Centsational Girl

The covered table has been around for years but with a glass top it continues to look soft and elegant when paired with more traditional  furniture.

Guest Bedroom. eclectic bedroom
Michelle Hinckley

Shelves attached on either side of a bed is a real space saver in a small room. 

Boys bedroom traditional kids

Trunks and suitcases make great bedside tables.


A coffee table  is a great idea.  I like the way the three photos mimic the three pillows on the bed.  This type of repetition helps to control the scale of the coffee table.

The Urban Un-Martha 

In a country home a high chair does not look out of place as a bedside table.

Canadian Cottage traditional bedroom

Another great option for an informal look is a small kitchen table  with folding sides.  I like the way the lines support the slanted lines of the roof. If I could change one thing I would have a lamp with a little more volume and height.

Summer Home contemporary bedroom

Attaching peeled logs together once cut to a standard length makes a very interesting bedside table.  Depending on where you live this could be a very inexpensive solution especially for a more rustic/cottagey decor.


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