Saturday, July 9, 2011

5 Kids' window treatments with a twist

There are so many fantastic ideas for economical window treatments.    Here are 5 of my favouites from Better Homes and Gardens website that could be used for kid's rooms.

 Fun and Funky Buttons

You can buy jars of mismatched buttons for very reasonable prices and have a field day decorating drapes for kids'  rooms.  Glue them on rather than sewing them which is time consuming. This idea would not work in a young child's room for safety reasons.

Geometric Borders

Follow the link under the photo for ideas on how to apply these fabric diamonds to a plain panel.  You could also make a diamond stencil from cardboard and paint the diamonds with fabric paint.

Princess Sheers 

This is such a cute idea for a little girl's room to  add richness and softness to plain drapes. I like the application of the diamond belt buckle for that extra bit of glitz. .  Check the Better Homes and Gardens  link for directions.

 Velvet Ribbons

Dress up any draperies with velvet ribbon applied using washable fabric glue.Nothing beats white for a fresh crisp look and lots of colour options. 

 Name stencils

Purchase large letter stencils to decorate draperies.  The vertical application on one side is interesting and unexpected. Trace the letters with a pencil and paint inside the lines. Great for a boy's room.

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