Monday, June 27, 2011

Take a closer look

 The room above works because of its mix of various materials with a neutral palette.   I kept returning to  beauty comma  to look at it over several days.  When you are drawn back to a room it is worthwhile to examine what aspects of it you like.  That was easy for me in this case- everything. 

Why does this room work in my view?

  • blond woods are my favourite and have always been since I was in my twenties- no ebony or mahogony for me. I like my wood to integrate with the other elements in a room, not stand out. I like to use wood for its texture, not colour.
  • clean lines allow your eyes to move over an object and  on to something else.They create visual flow in a room which works to create a  relaxing atmosphere.  Boxy is better in my view because these lines seem to fit/follow the envelope of a room .  Rectangular shapes can be softened by  accessories and softer textiles.
  • sculptural shapes  are added in the lamp, vases, boxes  and rock like structures in front of the window. There are other shapes hiding. Have a closer look. The selection of these accessories were not done in haste because they play perfectly with each other. This room depends on sculpture as an art form.  Notice there are no two dimensional art pieces on the walls. 
  • variety in  textiles (pattern, texture) is a must to support a mainly monochromatic room. The play of the striped rug  against the furry one  is wonderful. 
  • the absence of jarring colour makes this room a calm retreat.  It is a room I could spend many hours in and still find it interesting because of the texture and shapes.  Less is always more in colour. 
  • bringing the outdoors in by minimizing window treatments and utilizing the glimpses of nature as art.
What about this room in comparison?

It has many of the characteristics noted above but a much darker palette.  Texture and sculptural forms are dominant.

Matt Costigan via Decoria

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