Tuesday, June 14, 2011

5 Window Treatments for Patio Doors

"What can I do with my patio door?" Since I often hear this question  from clients I'm  concluding  that sliding patio doors provide many challenges in home decor. If you are the proud owner of a patio door let's explore your options in window treatments. 

Fully Closing Draperies

living room contemporary living room
 When the door is on an end wall fully closing draperies floor to ceiling and wall to wall looks stunning. This layered treatment has  panels and  sheers with both sets of draperies movable (you can tell from the layered rod treatment).  If you wanted to get a similar look on other than an end wall , place your drapery rods 18 - 24 inches beyond the window surface  extending the visual width but also allowing the panels to sit on the wall rather than over the window. Another way to decrease the cost is to have the side panels stationery and have the sheers movable.

Sliding Panels 

Sliding panels  are a good solution for patio doors in a more contemporary setting and are available in a variety of colours and textures to match your decor. The panels slide under each other when open and you are left with one panel width at the side.  The vertical panels can range from 11 to 24 inches; the more panels the less glass  is covered when  they are open. Sliding panels are available in a wide range of materials  providing  varying degrees of privacy and light control. 

Sheer verticals

If you want to combine the traditional look of sheer draperies and the functionality of vertical blinds choose sheer verticals. The under structure is a vertical blind but the  sheer fabric that covers the vertical vanes brings this treatment to a new level. By simply rotating  the vanes you can go from light filtering to complete privacy.

 Sliding Shoji Screens

This is an unusual solution for a patio door but it is  a functional one.  A shoji screen has a wooden gridded frame with translucent paper inserted between the grids. Check out Shoji Design Inc. for beautiful designs.

 Plantation Shutters 

Bi-fold plantation shutters are hinged together and fold against each other, similar to a closet door. You can choose between panels that are free hanging or ones used with a track to guide and support them. Bi-fold panels can be configured to open to one side or to both sides of the window. 



  1. I like Shoji screens the best. I’m a little biased here, but I just really love Japanese homes. :) The wood and paper materials make the atmosphere inside seem so natural and cozy. But even with that, I can still recommend all of these treatments since they are all expansive in structure. And that is one factor that helps in letting in substantial amount of natural light.

  2. I am partial to Shoji screens too. It's the look of paper (a huge element in my art practice) that attracts me. A practical point to consider with them is that they are easily damaged. I think about children and pets.

  3. Try sliding Shoji blinds as on Sarah Beeny's 'Double Your House For Half the Money'!- less than half the price of Shoji Screens.

  4. Where are the sliding panels with the patter on them available from to purchase?

  5. If Nancy liked the Shoji screens, I liked the fully closing draperies. And when you put those in your home, you'll have that sophisticated look in which most homeowners are looking for. Anyway, these treatments are all beautiful, and using any of these only depends on what type of design your home has.

  6. My grandparents are fond of shoji designs. I truly feel a traditional Japanese ambiance whenever I visit them. From the sliding doors, to the window coverings, to the closet and room dividers. Haha! Well, I enjoy it because I feel like I’m in Japan every time I see those. :p

  7. I hope these are not just 3d designs, they are for real patio door sample. I hope they are real.

  8. These are the ideal designs for every home living room interiors.

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  11. There seems to be a lot of interest in the Shoji theme. I like it, but I feel like it would be really easy to trip once and completely ruin. Is it easy to replace the paper screening? How much of a chore would that be, or would you need to call an expert?


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