Saturday, April 23, 2011

Take one console table and...

Console tables are versatile pieces of furniture. Most often they are used as sofa tables, but such a narrow application limits  this amazing piece of furniture which can  add interest, character and serviceability to many rooms in your home.  A little creativity will turn this long, leggy table into a showpiece.   You can keep your application simple or you can layer to your hearts delight.  It all depends on the look you want to achieve.

Keep it Simple

 Lauderdale By the Sea Condo modern living room
Stark simplicity has its advantages if you have an interestingly shaped/coloured table.  The lines/colour alone can be the statement.  Add a little detail to the top and you've completed the job. I love the starkness of the black table and accompanying mirror in this very contemporary white and black room.

Shoshana Gosselin  living room
Keeping the display  on the top of this table simple in colour and quantity allows the table to be the design statement. Design tip:  paint out the vent under the table. It is much too obvious.

 Create extra storage

 Sylvia Martin asian living room
  photographer Sylvia Martin

In smaller rooms a console table with or without a shelf can solve some of your storage problems.  Of course the trick is to come up with interesting ways to do this. Stacked trunks and suitcases are a creative solution as are baskets.

Sweet as a Candy eclectic hall
The use of white unifies this arrangement  while the addition of green livens things up and creates a soft contrast. 

Store  extra seating
buffet table inspiration set 1  entry
Tuck away extra seating by filling the space under the table with upholstered ottomans or 18 inch cubes.
 Glenn Gissler Design contemporary entry

I love this arrangement.  The ottoman is a good size for the space under the table.  There should be breathing room on both sides.  Stuffing in an oversized piece  will not give you the polished look you want. There is a nice play of dark against light and the arrangement on the table top works very well in terms of colour, scale and texture.
Entry modern entry
Rachel Reider Interiors

 Don't let limited space stop you from having an interesting and inviting  arrangement in a foyer or entrance.  By keeping the line of a table simple and using a monochromatic scheme you can have a lot going on in a limited space. It's also refreshing to see this combination with light wood. 

 Upper East Side contemporary bedroom

Not many people would consider a console table as a night table, but this works very well because it is smaller in scale and the stool tucks in nicely .  Just pull it out and it's ready for use. The green looks so refreshing next to the wood tones.

Condo Entry contemporary entry

When you place a table behind a sofa you can still think about it as a place to store extra seating. 

 Stairway Detail 2 traditional family room

Paired chairs on either side of  a console table also work well.   To flank a table with chairs you need roughly 6-8 feet of linear space. The scale of the chairs and the table should be in harmony.  A bulky table would overwhelm  smaller chairs.

 House Beautiful via Project Pretty

This same arrangement can be used behind a long sofa. 

buffet table inspiration set 1  entry

 And sometimes one chair is best especially when the table is near a corner.


  1. After a post you always think of other things you should/could have said. There are other things you could put on either side of a console table... tall urns, Asian sculptures, large topiaries to name a few. I feel like I'm talking to myself. I know I have lots of readers from my stats but where are the responders??

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