Monday, April 11, 2011

Focus on the small things


Keeping a light  palette doesn't mean a boring room. It's all about what you do after you choose your large pieces and paint the walls. If you like the calm serenity of a muted palette, you have already arrived; if you are someone who likes change and colour , think about adding personality with accessories. Some things can stay the same over the long term, but others can be moved around or added. There's a long inspiration list when it comes to adding colour to a room.  

Ready made panels
If you usually tire of draperies  quickly, custom draperies may not be your best investment. Think ready made panels.  For a hundred dollars you can purchase lined ready made panels that can have several lives if you are a DIY er. 

 Combine two types of panels on one rod to introduce additional pattern.

Use them as a backdrop for a headboard or to visually centralize a window in a room.Tired of that application? Transform the fabric into a runner &/or pillows.

A throw

Not only is a throw a serviceable  object in home decor, it can be used to brighten a dull corner in any room. The splash of deep red in the throw and the flowers  above adds energy to this  black and white room.

Fresh flowers 
Nothing surpasses flowers when it comes to beauty, colour, form and texture. 

Fresh flowers in a crystal vase integrates well with any style of decor.

A brightly coloured table

Area Rugs
Whether large or small, a bright area rug can anchor neutral palettes and provide a starting point for the addition of other colours.This is an adventurous use of red and orange which would not be a personal choice for me.

Colourful pillows

 Art Work

 I think this art work would look good in our model room.  I like the addition of the blue and yellow to the orange red palette.  The right art work can bring any room up several notches. 

Let's have another look at that room with colour added.
Adding reds and oranges with touches of yellow in the tulips makes everything sing. Does that black lamp bother anyone but me? Check out the next pic to see what happens when it is removed.

 We're getting more adventurous with the addition of two dark red end tables. This look may not be for everyone but it is a good example  of how to layer colour over a basically neutral palette. Check out additional rooms at Better Homes and Gardens link under the top photo.

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