Monday, March 14, 2011

Think spring green

There's nothing like the time changing to give you the feeling that spring is around the corner.  I try to have  positive thoughts this time of year, but today I'm writing with a snow storm looming in the background and announcements of St. Patrick's Day celebrations that will dwindle through the week.  What better time to explore green as a fantastic choice in home decor?

  In every home I have ever lived  there has been some version of green.  We've had our decorating go tos over the years - avocado, mint, jade, olive, silver greens, and now spring green with lots of yellow in it.  Green seems to fill our need to connect to nature.  I find it calming and vibrant at the same time.  Not many colours can have that effect. 

 I'd be happy with any one of these green selections in a room, but together there's a little too much predictability.  White and green is my all time favourite combination.  If I had to choose in this room it would be the roman shade and white drapery. They work to create such a fresh look. 

Fresh, fresh, fresh... I love the covered dining room chairs and how the green brings out the wood tones in the floor.  If you're wondering what is the best colour to work with any kind of wood, green is your answer - you have to find the right one. 

Think green as a sofa colour.   This room designed by Phoebe Howard  is soft and contains lots of texture to create interest starting with the grasscloth on the walls.  Botanical prints always look lovely in a room with liberal amounts of green.

Designer John Willey has masterfully combined prints to produce a very put together bedroom. Note the inclusion of the headboard colour on the banding on the Ikat patterned roman shades.  He's even taken green to the ceiling which in this design I'm not wild about .  What inspiration would you take from this room? 

contemporary bathroom design by boston kitchen and bath Divine Kitchens LLC

Who wouldn't want to soak in this tub?  Obviously the colour scheme was taken from the scene outside the window.  The long floral panels on the adjoining wall mimic this view. I want to place a white and green rug on the floor.  

Small rooms are always a challenge to decorate and  in a regular three bedroom house, the smallest rooms tend to be used for children.  Keeping to one colour and white is always a simple but effective design solution. Using stripes on the end wall helps to expand the width of the room. 


And here's something a little more traditional paired with bursts of yellow. 


Fresh and pristine and wonderful to curl up in.

new project contemporary laundry room

Can you have too much green or too many washing machines?

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