Thursday, March 17, 2011

10 Design Solutions for Small Bedrooms

Are you wondering how to make the most of those small bedrooms you have? Sometimes it's as simple as re-arranging furniture, changing  colours or adding built- ins.  Here are 10  suggestions to make the best use of a small bedroom space, but don't stop there.   Many of these ideas can be used in other rooms too.

Build in around the window

Linda Fisher traditional bedroom

Using a window to centralize the layout  of the room and building in around it is an efficient use of space.  It is also very visually appealing because it produces a symmetrical layout.

Tineke triggs contemporary bedroom

Another version of built-ins add seating space and the trundle bed provides an extra space for overnight guests. 

Symmetrical placement

Catalano Residence eclectic bedroom
Kerrie L. Kelly

Long narrow rooms seem to be a common problem in bedrooms.  This room again uses built -ins to frame the bed thus creating extra storage space and the perfect place to highlight a piece of art. Using the length of the room for the bed enables a very symmetrical layout which allows for access to both sides of the bed. Walking in to a room and looking over the length of the bed also makes the room look longer and more spacious.

Vanessa De Vargas / Turquoise L.A.

Compact and serene with one wallop of design on the floor. Do you think removing the rug would make the room look even more spacious?  I particularly love the way the small window has been made the focal point with wall to wall draperies. 

Use the walls

Guest Bedroom. eclectic bedroom

No place to put a bedside table... just hang one on the wall.  

Move furniture to the edge of the room 

The Lettered Cottage traditional bedroom

 Pushing furniture to the far edge of a room works well in some cases.  The addition of the large stripes visually expands this room.  Keeping the colours neutral with very little contrast also adds to the spacious look. This is little more than a large closet, but it is so inviting.

daybed w/shelves  bedroom

Another central layout that uses the edge of a room effectively. 

Build it up

Berg Furniture- Utica Lof contemporary kids

This seems to be such a safer solution than regular bunk beds.  The design also allows you to float it in the centre of the room. Lots of storage space is created as a result of the steps and centre placement.

Build it into a corner


Kids Bunk Room traditional kids

Using a corner to lay out beds is a very efficient use of space. I've seen this work effectively with two twin beds as in the photo above,  but never two bunk beds!  

Float the bed 

Closet Accessories
Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

No closet space?  Don't let that stop you. Float the bed in the middle of the room  with a high headboard and install a closet system behind it. 

Use space at  the foot of the bed

Girls Dream Bedroom - No Boys Allowed eclectic bedroom
Janell Beals - Isabella & Max

This is a creative use of space for a desk. It builds on the central layout of the room and keeps everything accessible .  Benches, chairs, trunks, a small bookcase etc.  are other possibilities. 

Use glass creatively

Jerry Jacobs Design: Interior Design San Francisco Bay Area tropical bedroom
A wall of glass covered closet doors expands the overall visual space of this room.  The see through headboard is another good trick.  To make the room look even larger keep all the colours light. Your eye automatically sticks on dark colours and stays there.  They have become an unwanted centre of interest.

Use furniture as a divider

This room is a fantastic  example of excellent use of space from the built- in shelves and drawers to the desk used as a divider. The large mirror also increases the visual space in the room.


  1. I so interest about maximize Small space for minimalist home. I like solution for it, thats design solution for small bedroom. GOOD IDEAS!

  2. Thank you very much for your help, i am planning my bedroom space which is only small but thanks to you i will be doing more to it than just a bed and wardrobe!!!

  3. 10 design solutions for small bedroom is shown on the post here. Know details from here

  4. Your blog inspire me a lot..Beautiful room style..

  5. Wow wonderful creations. Thank you for the great ideas. I amvlooking at small space ideas. The bedroom pictures have helped a lot.

  6. This post is excellent and so is the manner in which the subject was explained. I like some of the comments as well even though I would rather we all keep it on topic so that to add value to the idea.

  7. Hello,

    WOOOOOOOOW a big wow is dedicated to you guys to showing me these bed rooms, i do not care if the size of the room is small or big but frankly I just love this room.Amazing guys just amazing.

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  8. Lovely designs - a great inspiration

  9. Nice work, Great work on walls.....Good job Margaret Ryall.

  10. Great tips, many thanks for sharing. I have printed and will stick on the wall! I like this blog.

  11. With a few straightforward and practical design changes outlined here, you can create extra space or at least an illusion of it in your smaller living space. 5 Design Tricks on How to Make Small Bedrooms Look Spacious


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