Saturday, February 12, 2011

Consider yellow and pink

It's a cold winter day in St John's and  I'm always  thinking about warmth in colour. Northern climates definitely affect our colour choices.  Here's a blast of sunshine today for all of you who need a lift.

Yellow and pink is an energetic colour combination, but I predict you won't be seeing it in every second home you visit. I can tell it is a rare combination because it was difficult to find support images to illustrate my ideas for this post.  It's good to know there are still  fresh and daring colour schemes that haven't been overdone.

Style at Home

The two images above both work because of the liberal use of  the magic colour - white - which makes everything look fresh and crisp. The pinks and yellows need to be more vibrant to carry the contrast with the white. 

The feeling in these two rooms if affected by the pale yellow on the walls which gives an overall  soft feel. Even the fuchsia colour appears  softer than in the first high contrast rooms.  

 This room is quirky and interesting with its inclusion of yellow and pink accessories.    I love it when someone isn't afraid to express him/herself in design.  The sleekness of the mid century modern cabinet really appeals to my need for "frill-less" furniture. Retro works for me.  

Better Homes and Gardens

More yellow than anything else but the hits of raspberry provide a nice accent. It is inviting.

Everything here is pale,  soft and traditional.  

One colour scheme but many looks. 

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