Sunday, February 6, 2011

Accessories inspired by nature

When you are looking for accessories for your home, choose products that you have a personal connection to.  You may like it because  it could be a favourite colour; a reminder of your travels; a texture or shape you love; a reminder of your childhood, etc.   Twigs, branches, and  trees appeal to a lot of people- me included - because they reference the outdoors, and almost everyone has experienced trees in their lives. The branching effect of  trees is visually stimulating and plays nicely with the more static horizontal and vertical lines in a home.

Stencils and vinyl  wall appliques, when used in the right place, provide stunning effects. I'm fond of applications using just one colour because they are more graphic in nature and contrast well with most wall colours.  This one works because of the bright background colour and the minimal decor.  If you  tried to put  this design in a traditional room it would become lost. 
I'm always looking for interesting candle holders and this one fits the bill. I particularly like the way it covers a large surface area.  Many candle holders look lost in the middle of a table. 

I've seen many different styles of lamps that mimic branches.  This one meets all my requirements with its minimal dark shade, clean lines, rough  texture and silver colour. 

A perfect little accent table for a country home. I don't think it would look half as interesting if it was painted brown.


Trees and branches are prominent motifs in many textiles.

I love the graphic nature of this design which is enhanced by the use of only two colours. Pillows provide a great opportunity to interject a bit of "art"  onto your furniture. 

And what about this creative carpenter who designed a tree branch bookcase?

Isn't this a much more interesting post than we are accustomed to seeing?  Check out the other shots of this unique building.

This is quite the conversation piece as a stair railing. 

. This Decorative Organic Wooden Door from Perting heralds a luscious world of forest wonders that just might lie behind it. It would fit perfectly into a contemporary interior.

There's nothing rustic about this twig chandelier  designed by  Jonathan Browning Studios, Inc.

These  porcelain dishes, designed by Euridice Conceicao, have simple graphic twigs and branches on white or black backgrounds.

And how about art work with twigs and branches?  I get to have fun creating other things in addition to home decor.

Entangled (2009) 10 x 24 in , mixed media on cradled panel
Margaret Ryall - Leyton Gallery

And that's just a small sampling of what's available in the marketplace that uses twigs and branches as a design motif.   Do you have a favourite one?

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  1. Ooo, your art piece is really lovely, beautiful colors!


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