Friday, January 21, 2011

Colouring outside the box with orange

Left to my own devices I would choose orange as either an accent or a main colour in decorating a home.  I am happy to see bits of orange in artwork, but that's as exciting as I can get about it.  To give orange a chance I decided to explore how others have used it to create stimulating decors.  Of course, no matter what you do with orange it will be vibrant and commanding. It is not a sit back colour!  I find  that people who love orange have personalities very like the colour. 

An orange sofa  begs to be noticed.  For most people furniture is a big ticket item, and cautiousness is often the ruling factor when purchasing  because you don't want to tire of it quickly.   I love the freshness of this room because it reminds me of eating melon on a tropical island. 

Is the wallpaper the accent wall or is it the orange wall? Circles and orange is about as energetic as you can get.  I love circular motifs.  How many circles are too many for you?

I like the way orange looks with gray.  But then again, I love gray with anything. You better love orange if you decide to put it on your cabinets.
Tineke triggs contemporary bedroom
tineke triggs

Freshness prevails when orange is used with beige and a bit of blue gray thrown in.

Astoria Guest Retreat eclectic bedroom
Domicile Interior Design

Just a little does the trick to liven up this very neutral space. 


This is a funky colour on a very traditional piece of furniture but it works for me.   Accent pieces should have some energy to them.  


Purple and orange make a striking combination which works very well especially for a child's room.


Take your cue from artwork when you want to add an accent colour in your decor.   

or ....

if you love orange just a little bit, let it  perform its magic in an artwork as it does in my dining  room .

Artwork by Carolyne Honey Harrison

Visit House Beautiful for a slide show of decorator's top picks for orange paint.

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